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  • Drum Sounds and Violin

    Evergreen Real Volume is a blog website about musicians and drum sounds that work with nature. In recent years there has been a growth in video possibilities for musicians to make their own music videos and a lot of musicians use this to shoot videos with nature themes.

    A famous example of this is Lindsey Stirling. Her beautiful violin music is combined with videos in nature. She also tries to incorporate a lot of nature themes in the music itself and the title songs. Lindsey Stirling was born in Santa Ana, 1986. She is an American violinist, dancer and performance artist. The choreographies for her music are made by herself. In 2007 she started her YouTube channel and slowly grew her audience. In 2010 she got a huge boost because of her participation in the highly popular television show America’s Got Talent. The interesting thing about her is her use of popular music combined with the violin and free 808 kick samples. The violin is of course regarded as a classical instrument and within the youth of today, often seen as an instrument used for making boring, classical music. Because of the way Lindsey combines her violin music with popular drum samples and dubstep rhythms, she is highly popular with today’s youth. She inspires a lot of young people to start taking violin lessons or produce music.

    Lindsey Stirling was born in Santa Ana and grew up in Gilbert Arizona. She was a film student in Provo, Utah. Later she started studying recreational therapy. It took her until 2015 to finish her studies. This was probably because of her violinist career.

    She started playing the violin when she was six years old. This was after her father introduced her to classical music. She took private lessons for the next twelve years and when she was sixteen she became a member of a rock band. In 2010 when she was 23 years old, she took part in the fifth season of America’s Got Talent. She was described as a hip hop violinist, using free drum sounds to combine with her violin kits. She was highly popular with the jury as well as her audience. However, in the quarter finals she made a huge mistake because her choreography was so complicated that she started making a lot of mistakes playing the violin. She realized she would need a team around her to make her movement and spectacle dynamic enough, while not having a negative effect on her playing.

    By this time here YouTube channel became even more important. With a highly skilled cinematography team she started making incredibly beautiful videos while still dancing. But because the beauty was in the cinematography and video she didn’t have to go crazy anymore with her own movement, so she could keep focusing on her play.

    Not all but a lot of Lindsey’s videos are definitely inspired by nature. There are some really interesting and beautiful ones in for example ice caves, within fire, on tropical islands and in Ireland’s hills. Lindsey’s style and the stories she tells in her videos often have fairytale themes. These fairytale themes are also very clear in the way she dresses herself.

    Lindsey was scheduled to give a concert on November fourth in Eindhoven. Unfortunately the event was cancelled due to weather problems. Lindsey Stirling is very special in the way she combines classical music, modern dance, dubstep and other drum sounds in her Music and she build an audience of millions of fans around the world.